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Eyebrow Transplant

Eyebrow Transplant procedures harvest hair follicles from another part of your body and transplants them onto your face to increase hair growth in the area and give you natural looking results.

$6,000 - 13,000
$4,800 - 10,400
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Facials are cosmetic treatments for the face, which help to address every skin concern and goal. This includes a variety of different approaches including peels, extractions, light and laser therapies, HydraFacials, and many more. Facial treatments are catered to meet your exact needs and provide effective results.

$120 - 200
$95 - 160
Follicular Unit Transplantation
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Follicular Unit Transplantation is a transplant procedure used for hair restoration, which delivers healthy follicles to areas where hair loss is occurring. These follicular units allow for hair to begin to grow once again in these areas, delivering effective results.

$8 - 16
$6 - 13
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Fraxel® laser technology is a noninvasive procedure designed to help reverse the visible effects of aging with broad applications. This treatment works below the skin’s surface to address a variety of concerns in order to help you look and feel good. By stimulating natural collagen production, Fraxel® rejuvenates the skin to help smooth creases and pockets causing wrinkles and scars. It is effective in treating fine lines and wrinkles, surface scaring, pigmentation, sun damage, Actinic Keratosis, and more.
***Cost may vary as the number of treatments needed varies among patients. Providers will charge per treatment session.

$500 - 1,000
$400 - 800
Hair Replacement
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Hair Replacement treatments offer a solution to hair loss by replacing the hair using a variety of different procedures, including transplants.

$3,000 - 15,000
$2,400 - 12,000

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