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Cellfina® is a cellulite reduction treatment that improves the appearance of dimples to deliver long-lasting results. This laser method addresses the structural causes of cellulite by releasing the rubber band tension causing the dimples and allowing the skin to bounce back. This is a one-time treatment procedure, with results appearing in as little as three days.

$3,500 - 5,000
$2,800 - 4,000

Cellulaze™ is a minimally invasive body contouring treatment that hyper-targets cellulite at the source. This laser beam targets fat, by sending thermal energy to the dermis and fibrous septa. The treatment also addresses the underlying structural issues, which allow for long term results after just one treatment.

$1,000 - 3,000
$800 - 2,400
Chemical Peel
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Chemical peels are popular nonsurgical cosmetic treatments used to improve the appearance of skin on the face, neck, or hands. This solution is applied to the skin to exfoliate and peel away, revealing a new and regenerated layer that is smoother and more youthful. With three levels of formulas catered towards your needs, chemical peels can be used to improve sun damage, uneven pigmentation, wrinkles, and many other skin concerns.

$100 - 300
$80 - 240
Clear + Brilliant®

Clear + Brilliant® is a gentle laser skincare treatment that helps to fight and prevent effects of aging by improving skin tone, texture and pore size appearance. Just one session of Clear + Brilliant, lasting 10 to 20 minutes, can leave your skin feeling smoother and younger, giving you that radiant glow.
***Cost may vary as the number of treatments needed varies among patients. Providers will charge per treatment session.

$300 - 500
$240 - 400
CO2 Laser Skin Resurfacing

CO2 Laser Skin Resurfacing treatments uses light energy to create microscopic damage in the skin, triggering the natural healing process. By removing damaged areas, the skin regenerates leading to a more youthful and refreshed look. This method is commonly used to reduce or remove facial wrinkles, acne scars, age spots, uneven tone and sun damage.

$2,000 - 3,000
$1,600 - 2,400

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