We spoke with our provider, Whitney Krohn, PA-C of Horwitz Dermatology about Lutronic Genius. Here’s what we learned…

“I’m super excited to talk about our new procedure, the Genius, that we just brought into the office. This is a technology combining microneedling with radio frequency for skin tightening, for texture, for fine lines and wrinkles, and it even works amazing for acne scars.” Lutronic Genius is an intelligent platform that can effectively control coagulation with real-time feedback and intelligence to create a more comfortable and effective treatment. It’s well-known predecessor, the Lutronic INFINI is a popular treatment that also uses similar technology.

“The genius is done typically in a series of three treatments and we space them about four to six weeks apart. The beauty of the Genius is that it is permanent change to the skin and to the tissue, so the results are going to last several years – probably with a need for one maintenance treatment every two to three years, patient dependent obviously. But it really is a nice, natural change, great for defining the jaw line, picking up on sagging necks and also helping prevent future skin laxity.”

How much does a Genius Treatment Cost?

“The cost of the Genius treatment varies base on the amount of area that we’re doing. Treatments range anywhere from about $500 to $1500 a treatment depending on what we are trying to achieve.” But remember, as a CosmeticPerks member you receive 20% off this treatment with our board-certified and licensed providers.