Nope, your friends aren’t sharing photos of getting their blood drawn on Instagram, they’re receiving an IV therapy treatment. Intravenous therapies are popping up at clinics and providers nationwide and for good reason. These fast procedures inject an infusion of vitamin-rich fluids directly into your bloodstream to treat a variety of conditions. If you’re still not sold on willingly sitting with a needle in your arm, let CosmeticPerks provider Dr. Ryan Brady of Vior Life & Aesthetics break it all down for you.


What is it?

These quick-fix IV infusions inject various fluids and vitamins directly into your blood and can treat conditions from a hangover to dehydration. You’ve probably seen trendy wellness bars, apps, and even concert festivals such as Coachella boasting the addition of IV therapy treatments. In some cases, you can even have a nurse come directly to your home for the treatment! The infusions are injected into your bloodstream via a vein in your arm for a fast and virtually painless experience.


What can I expect before, during, and after my session?

Dr. Brady recommends “having a light meal or snack before your session. We also recommend that the patient receive a blood test before administering if they’re receiving a higher dose of Vitamin.” Depending on the provider, your treatment can last from 20 to 45 minutes, but add a little wiggle room on either end for paperwork and setting up in the space. Discuss with your provider how you’re able to tailor the therapy into a personalized cocktail to best fit your needs, sit back, and relax!

After your session, Dr. Brady recommends drinking about 500 cc of water. Also, keep in mind, “as with any injection, risk of bruising is always a possibility. A mild headache, if infusion rates are too fast, is also common, so proper monitoring of the patient is a necessity. Patients with congestive heart failure or kidney impairments must be carefully co-managed and cleared by their treating provider.”

How do I know which IV therapy cocktail I should get?

Dr. Brady explains that customization options are aplenty, as “patients can have a micronutrient panel done to determine their exact deficiencies which then allows us to customize the blend.” Otherwise, he recommends that first-timers try the Late Meyer’s cocktail. “This blend provides a mix of Vitamin C, B12, Magnesium, Zinc, B5, B6 and B-Complex. Another high demand infusion is Glutathione - the mother of all antioxidants, and my personal favorite.”

What are the benefits?

Because you’re injecting these vitamins directly into your bloodstream, “IV therapy bypasses the GI system and is infused directly into the circulatory system. This provides a 100 percent absorption rate, making nutrients immediately available.” Thus, they are faster and more effective than pill-based vitamins or supplements which have to work around your digestive system before they can get to work, especially if you need a quick-fix. Plus, you don’t have to take multiple pills or a multivitamin, as many treatments have multiple health benefits. Lastly, no matter which vitamins you’ve chosen, you’ll also reap the added benefit of being more hydrated thanks to the liquid base.

What concerns does IV therapy address?

Generally, these work best on short-term health conditions. More specifically, “cold and flu season is a great time to boost your immune system with IV therapy. With this direct infusion, we can super-load Vitamin and other antioxidants without risk of GI distress. Other conditions for which IV therapy is beneficial include fatigue, migraines, certain cardiovascular issues,  sinus congestion, and diminished mental clarity. IV therapy is also a vehicle for the chelation of heavy metals such as mercury or lead.” However, don’t expect these treatments to replace regular healthy lifestyle choices.

Where can I receive IV therapy?

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