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Getting Botox and other injectables in-office is a relatively quick experience, so why not make a party out of it? That’s what some women are getting together to do, in-home and in-office. But what goes down during an injectable party, and is it really safe?


What is an injectables party?

The name is pretty straight to the point. An injectables or Botox party is when you gather with friends in a medical office or home to receive injections together. D’Lisa Shayn Khademi of Salon D’ Shayn in Phoenix, Arizona explained to Spotlyte:


“It’s pretty straight forward. We have so many spots and people have to register. We call it a party simply because it is usually at night and sometimes, we have snacks. It is done at the salon, not at a house, and sometimes people will come in a group and have it as a private party.”


What are the pros?

If you’ve ever been nervous about getting your first round of filler or Botox, it can be nice to have a familiar face by your side, especially if your friend has already received injectables before. While these parties can be offered in-home, which you may find to be more comforting than a medical office, getting them done in-office is the safer way to go.


What are the cons?

The key to a safe party is making sure you’re receiving your services from a board-certified medical professional. Unfortunately, because this has become a popular trend there can be false advertising for non-medically regulated parties who are using counterfeit non-FDA approved injections. Should your injection not be given properly, there is nothing to counteract it, so you have to wait for it to wear off.


Drinking alcohol is generally unsafe ahead of any invasive or noninvasive procedure, as it thins your blood, leaving you more prone to bleeding or bruising after your injection. With these non-regulated in-home parties, drinking does usually occur but won’t be recommended by a licensed professional, as it can lower your ability to make an informed decision.


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