While tattoos and permanent makeup were once considered permanent, today there are procedures available to remove what’s unwanted. Whether it’s a tattoo you regret or tattooed eyebrows that just aren’t working for you anymore, laser tattoo removal is an option. This noninvasive treatment uses a Q-switched laser device to break down the ink in your skin, no matter where the ink is.


We chatted with Dr. Tali Arviv of Arviv Medical Aesthetics in Miami about this laser treatment, and she answered some of her most commonly asked questions for us:


How does laser tattoo removal work?

“Laser tattoo removal works by having the laser target the ink particles under the skin. When they cool down, they shatter into even smaller dust-like fragments and then your immune system can remove them from the area.”


Can this procedure be done for permanent makeup?

“Yes, we do it for permanent makeup all the time! We do it for eyeliner, lip liner, and eyebrows. Any area can be treated.”


Can the removal of permanent eyeliner affect vision?

“It can affect your vision if you aren’t providing a safe procedure. It’s really important to wear eye shields. What we do here is we place intraocular eye shields, which means the shield is sitting on the eye. We numb the eye, give a little lubrication, put the shield on, and then your eyes are completely protected from the laser.”


Other commonly asked questions include how much is it and how many treatments will I need? The answer to both of these depends on the size of your tattoo, but can also be affected by the age of the ink and even the color. Traditional in-office pricing average at $250+ per session, but with your CosmeticPerks membership, you’ll save 20% per treatment.


Similar to receiving your tattoo, the process itself may be a little uncomfortable, but a topical anesthesia cream may be available from your provider to make it less painful. Keep the spot covered with sunblock between sessions to ensure it doesn’t darken.


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