With each new decade comes new goals, expectations, realities, and responsibilities. But, what most of us don’t think much about is the new skin concerns we face with the turns of the decades. Of course, an anti-aging regime is priority as maturing inevitably will occur, so the sooner prevention is implemented, the better. 

Your 20’s

Welcome to the wonderful world of adulting where along with remembering everything on your grocery list you now have to start getting serious about skincare! Fun. Odds are you just got over the hump of puberty-induced acne and you are feeling invincible, skin-wise at least, but now is the prime time for impurity-prevention. The most important thing to remember at this age is properly caring for the overall health of your skin and preventing aging for the future. For example, paying closer attention to cleansing – even considering double-cleansing at night – especially after wearing a full face of makeup all day and night. Keeping your pores clean and tight will help the overall vibrancy and texture of the skin. In addition to cleansing, using a vitamin C serum is great to prevent future damage from UV rays and most definitely wear an SPF daily, even in the winter months.

Your 30’s

Between the mastery of adulting and your various bridesmaids’ duties you probably aren’t giving much thought to the condition of your skin. In our 30’s the skin cell turnover rate slows down, decreasing the supple, plump, and youthful look we’ve taken for granted up until now. These are the years spent overanalyzing each new line and spot waiting to surface in due time. This is due to a natural decrease in collagen, making fine lines even dullness begin to appear. Depending on how much attention you paid to wearing SPF in your teens and 20’s, sunspots may begin to show. If you haven’t already, start implementing vitamin C and SPF into your daily routine. Lastly, it’s a good idea to regularly exfoliate being as the skin cells are turning over at a slower rate, this will improve product absorption and help produce real results.

Your 40’s and 50’s

In these decades it’s important to care for your skin to look and feel the brightest and most youthful version of yourself. Due to the natural shift in estrogen levels, different skin concerns may arise. Most commonly, in our 40’s and 50’s, the skin tends to dry out leaving patchy looking skin, age spots, and dullness. All of these occur as the skin cell turnover rate decreases further. The emphasis on your skincare routine should shift to hydration – focusing on oils to help compensate for moisture loss and maintain the hydrolipid barrier. By adding serums, eye creams, and other moisturizers into your regime, you’ll dramatically improve the overall texture of the skin. Using peptides will also aid in stimulating collagen production.

While the basics of your routine will ultimately remain the same, every decade brings new changes into focus. It is important to continually be evaluating all of your needs and concerns, in order to be using the most effective products possible and start living with your best skin today.

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