CosmeticPerks provider, Dr. Bertha Baum was featured in the GB Living magazine focused on the Golden Beach, Florida lifestyle. Read the full article below.  

With her big blue eyes and flawless skin, paired with a huge personality, it comes as no surprise that Dr. Bertha Baum decided to embark on her career of choice: dermatology. As a child, she grew up in Colombia, with huge dreams. Becoming a doctor was inevitable in her eyes, so she certainly pursued it. “When I started medical school, I was unsure of what I would do. I considered pediatrics, but realized that I loved procedures and patients, so dermatology was the best combination of both.” Board-certified, this beauty is known for beautifying men and women in the two offices she practices out of, and the benefit for us Golden Beachers ... drum roll, please ... she is located just a few miles away, in Hallandale!


At a young age, Bertha and her family moved to the USA, in Golden Gate – in Sunny Isles. Baum tells us that “I was always interested in being a Doctor. I love helping and caring for others.” So, after she studied at the University of Miami, followed by Nova Medical School, she trained under the legendary Dr. Weiss, who “is my partner but was my mentor, and he was instrumental in showing me the tricks of the trade in the dermatology world. It is very important nowadays to understand our industry in general when it comes to medicine.”


Baum is in love with beautifying the world and is a known expert in her field. When it comes to cosmetic enhancements, she told us that “in my residency, it was my niche. Ever since then, laser and injectables have been the main part of my practice.” In love with all fillers, she believes in them, and her success comes as a result of unique techniques, like mixing and matching different products. Juvederm Voluma and Restylane Lyft are some of her favorites for natural volume, as is Radiesse for the jawline. Sculptra is her key to complimenting other fillers because of its bio-stimulation, “allowing the body to produce collagen where the product is injected.” But the proof is in the pudding, as her business is booming. Her patients “keep coming back because they love the changes they see in their skin and complexion.”


Aside from fillers, she loves Neurotoxins, too! Botox and Dysport are some of the most common requests for the forehead. Dr. Baum also swears by the CoolSculpting machine, as it is an alternative to liposuction for small pockets of fat. Their state-of-the-art technology in her offices include lasers for hair removal. “The technology is there! For sunspots, redness, superficial lines and general rejuvenation!” They also offer her favorite, the Gold Standard from Kybella, “which most doctors use for fatty necks, but we apply it in different areas, like back and bra fat, because it dissolves those areas.”


Dr. Baum’s offices also come with a staff of the best aestheticians in town. Aside from facials, you can try the trendy microneedling with PRP, where they spin your blood and use the ‘good’ cells to rejuvenate what is underneath.


Bertha tells us that the differentiating factor between her and other Dermas is her ability to enhance naturally. I value patients’ time and I like to be on time and I take pride in that. I am also on the cutting edge. I attend six different conferences yearly. I teach residents and doctors. I use canula techniques, which offer less bruising but a real understanding of anatomy.”


Dr. Baum currently lives with her husband and three children in North Miami Beach, and operates out of her Hallandale office, and twice-weekly out of Boca Raton.


To book, please call: 1-954-456-5050