In pursuit of the ultimate youthful glow? We’ve got great news – that radiant, flawless complexion you long for lies just beneath a layer of dead skin cells. The even better news? A chemical peel at your derm’s office will slough this lackluster skin away to reveal a fresher looking you.


We spoke to CosmeticPerks provider Anays Suarez, N.P. to get the 411 on chemical peels – her favorite non-invasive cosmetic treatment for boosting collagen production and uncovering smoother skin.


Who should consider getting a chemical peel?

“Peels are safe for many different skin types and are especially recommended to treat concerns such as rosacea and severe dermatitis. Peels come in a variety of intensities and can, therefore, be safely applied to a variety of skin types depending on the person’s needs.”

How often should you get a chemical peel?

“I would recommend getting this treatment once a month to peel dead skin cells and create a longer-lasting glow.”


How does one maintain fresh-looking skin post-treatment?

“While peels do a great job of uncovering younger skin, you want to follow up this treatment by adding retinol products to your nightly routine. Retinol will maintain collagen production and work to prevent fine lines and wrinkles, therefore keeping up your smoother-looking skin.”


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