Here in Florida, there is no race to a summer body because bikini season is year-round. It’s both a blessing and a curse to always need to be ready to slip on our suits. Sometimes though, no matter how much time we spend in the gym we never seem to reach our ideal shape. That stubborn fat still remains despite our healthy habits. The secret? CoolSculpting. No needles, no knives, no downtime. This non-invasive procedure uses a suction device that crystallizes and naturally discards your fat cells. CoolSculpting might just be the perfect tool to achieve the body of your dreams. 

CoolSculpting is truly an investment in yourself and luckily with CosmeticPerks that investment becomes more affordable. We give you the resources you need to find the right provider to address your needs and concerns at a better cost. 

Whether you have a big event or an exotic island vacation coming up, you’ll want to plan your CoolSculpting treatments about six months in advance. Results typically take about two months per treatment to fully emerge. If you’re planning on receiving multiple treatments, you may want to start your CoolSculpting even more in advance to fully reap the rewards. Regardless, your CosmeticPerks provider will be able to give you all the information you need to time your treatments perfectly. 


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The Before 

If this procedure is right for you, then take advantage of CosmeticPerks’ complimentary consultations with our board-certified providers. Your appointment should take no more than 45 minutes and will leave you a better understanding of your options. Remember, that the best results for CoolSculpting come with repeated treatments and a solid commitment to exercise. 

The During 

If you have decided to take advantage of this incredible technology, get ready for the best results of your life. Each treatment appointment will take anywhere from 35 to 120 minutes depending on the number and size of your target areas. Hang out, relax, and binge your favorite show as the device freezes away your unwanted fat. Many patients describe the feeling as being “cold but totally manageable”. In about five to ten minutes your target area will become numb and remain that way for the duration of the treatment. 

The After

The wonderful thing about CoolSculpting is its lack of downtime. You may feel a little tender or swollen in the treated area, but you can continue your productive day with no problems. As time goes on our body will continue to respond to the crystallized fat cells. You may feel a slightly itchy sensation, but that is totally normal! After a month, you’ll have a follow up with your provider and, by the month and a half mark, you’ll be able to compare your before and after pictures to see some very impressive results. 

From getting rid of that extra arm fat to slimming down your love handles to chiseling your jawline, CoolSculpting is an amazing option. Remember to keep up with your healthy lifestyle in order to continue to maintain your optimal results. With the help of your provider, planning your CoolSculping correctly will leave you with your best body and most confident self just in time for your island vacay.